Wickham Falls

“Wickham Falls” is the band’s second full-length album. They decided to make it self-titled because they felt as though the songs truly represent the band’s identity.

Produced & Engineered by Paul Antonell and Shubham Mondal with Mixing & Mastering by Shubham Mondal. Lyrics by Brooke Nilson, Conor Larsen (Starboy), Tommy Boyce & Robert Luke Harshman (Last Train to Clarksville). Also Featuring: Jeff Nadel on synthesizer Clifford Carter on piano.


“Hello” is the second single preceding the release of Wickham Falls’ second album. It’s sort of a silly song about a person’s fantasy of finding true love.

The PDAM Blues

“The PDAM Blues” is the debut single from Wickham Falls’ second album. The song is about the town that the singer, Brooke, goes to college in: Potsdam, NY. Anyone who goes to school there would agree that there is nothing to do besides hang out with friends. Without friends up there, it would be pretty boring. There’s literally nothing around. “The PDAM Blues” truly embodies the spirit of the town.

To Pluto

Wickham Falls’ first studio recorded album, To Pluto, was released in April 2020. This album is a grouping of songs that the band started writing while they were still in high school. It was recorded at OK Records in Nyack, New York. “To Pluto” is currently available for streaming anywhere you can listen to music!