About Wickham Falls

Based in Warwick, NY, Wickham Falls is an alternative rock band composed of four passionate, young musicians. Singer/guitarist Brooke Nilson founded this band along with bassist Conor Larsen while they were still in high school. It wasn’t until after graduating and heading off to college that they teamed up with old friends Lilly Nicholson (drums) and Luke Nicholson (guitar) to form Wickham Falls. With influences such as The Strokes, Pixies, Badflower, and Peach Pit, you’ll hear calm and unique vocals, a strong backbeat and rhythm section, and killer guitar hooks that are bound to get stuck in the head of any listener.

The band quickly gained momentum after graduating high school. As regular performers at the Orange County Fair Speedway, they were offered multiple opening spots for well-known artists such as Manchester Orchestra, Lovelytheband, AJR, Everclear, Hoobastank, Wheatus, Living Colour, and Cheap Trick. As of August 2021, Wickham Falls finished recording a self-titled album, which is now released on all streaming platforms, with producer/engineer Paul Antonell (Shawn Mendes, Natalie Merchant, Jade Bird, Living Colour) and producer/engineer Shubham Mondal (Post Malone, Tom Morello, Clairo, Norah Jones, Jack DeJohnette).


Brooke Nilson is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. She also serves as the band’s lyricist, writing most of their songs. Apart from the band, Brooke is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Music Business at the Crane School of Music with concentrations in violin and guitar. She spends her free time playing even more guitar and wishing she had a dog.


Conor Larsen is the bass player for the band. Along with writing his own bass parts, he occasionally will write lyrics. You can hear some of his lyrics in “Starboy” and “Unknown Roads”. Aside from the band, he is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics at Villanova University. In his spare time, he likes to read lots of books and hang out with his dog.


Lilly Nicholson is the band’s drummer. She holds everyone together. That’s what drummers do. Lilly plays a big role in collaborating with the band to create just the right form of a song. She knows just when to put in a fill. Outside of the band, she is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Geology at Stony Brook University. She also likes to spend time baking and with her dog.


Luke Nicholson is the newest member of the band and he plays guitar. He and Brooke switch back and forth for the leads on different songs. Adding him to the band really gave them more of a full sound, and he really knows how to go crazy with his effects board. Outside of the band, Luke studies at SUNY Empire. He also likes to watch movies and hang out with his dog.


Conor’s dog.


Luke and Lilly’s dog.